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element production 

Element production 


Wall, roof and ceiling elements for house construction. We have what you need:

A modular system for flexibility and velocity as well as some modular design allowing both trouble-free retrofitting and easy handling at a high comfort.

The focus is always on your specific requirements and objectives. With our product and market know-how we will find the best solution.


 Assembly table

WEINMANN Assembly Table WTWWall table WTW
Assembly table for production lines for wall elements, gable elements, roof elements and floor elements in timber frame construction or related construction methods.
WEINMANN Assembly table VarioTec WTVVarioTec WTV100 self assembly table
The ideal self assembly solution for your production: WEINMANN provides the technology - you assemble the table (VarioTec).
WEINMANN Assembly tablesAssembly Tables - WTZ carpentry table
Versatile usable assembly table for the production of timber frame elements that are highly accurate to dimension and angle. Especially suitable for small and medium-sized carpentries.
Schmetterlingswender - MontagetischButterfly turning table
Assembly table with turning function for the production of wall, gable, roof and ceiling elements.

 Multi-function bridges

Multifunction bridge WMS 100Multi-function bridge WMS 100
CNC controlled machine for the automatic fastening and processing of plankings of wall, roof and floor elements.
Multifunctionbridge WMS 110Multi-function bridge WMS 110
The fastest CNC controlled machine for the fastening and processing of elements for timber frame constructions or related timber constructions.
multifunction bridge WMS 120Multi-function bridge WMS 120
Equipped with a tool changer and so flexible for many requirements.
multifunction bridge WMS 150Multi-function bridge WMS 150
CNC controlled machine which can be upgraded to 8 aggregates.
Multifunction bridge WMS 150 automated blow-in of insulationMultifunction Bridge WMS 150 blowTEC
Not just sawing, routing and drilling but also the automated blow-in of insulation material.
plastering bridge WMS 170Multi-function bridge WMS 170
Equipped with an aggregate unit for use as a plastering bridge.

 Framing station

Component nailer WES 100
Nails and clamps different types of studs together.
frame machine for the production of frameworksFraming station WEM 100
Cost-effective basic machine for carpenters or small industrial companies
frame machine for the production of frameworksFraming station WEM 150
The versatile framing station for complex or superior frameworks.
frame machine for the production of frameworksFraming station WEM 250
The high-performance line for a large production capacity.

 Combi Wall System

Processing of timber frame elementsCombi Wall System WEK 100
A combination of the framing station and the multi-function bridge - developed especially for small and medium-sized manufacturers of wooden houses
WEINMANN woodworkin machinery - timber frame workCombi Wall System WEK 120
Production and processing of wall and gable elements by only one operator

 Steel frame work

Framing station for steel frameworkFraming station for steel frame construction
CNC controlled machine for the production of steel frameworks.
Steel frame house constructionMulti-function bridge for steel frame construction
CNC controlled machine for the fully automated processing of panel elements on steel frames.

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